Spring is coming soon and I can't wait to have you come to my garden and perform your magical magic! It's been an interesting winter and it will be amazing to see what has survived.  I have complete faith in you and your skills to bring forth a sight most beautiful to behold.  I love your down-to-earth approach, never exerting pressure on me but always coming up with great ideas.  Thank you for your super gardening gifts.
—Betty Fenwick
I like using you not only for your feminine touch but because you listen to me. You are thoughtful, deliberate, conscious of my vision for my garden. You understand that I want unusual plants in my garden and you find them! I never have gotten such a detailed proposed plan for my gardens, let alone a beautiful watercolor rendition! You are a delight to work with and easy to be with. The result has been a magical garden in my beloved Mother's memory.
—Alex Secor
Taffy was able to put my ideas of what I wanted my garden to be into reality. Also she is great to work with!!”
—Caroline Stautberg
Taffy has changed my landscape into secret rooms, all with their own magic. Not only is she amazing with her design, but a lovely woman whom I always look forward to scheming with on our next project!
—Barbara Voss
You've been the consummate professional with extensive knowledge and experience to create beautiful gardens and landscaping. You and your crew are always incredibly thorough and neat as you clean up the gardens and get them ready for the new season. All of your suggestions and recommendations for trees, flowers and shrubs have been carefully thought-out and executed, resulting in a spectacular view from our windows throughout the year.
—Dr. Carla Weisman